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Our Vision

To create a world where getting a new job is easy!

Our Mission

To support individuals and organizations to improve the hiring process on both sides of the equation. We help career professionals navigate the job market, while partnering with hiring teams within companies to improve their hiring strategies.

Is The Vertucci Group right for you?

The hiring process has become entirely too complicated, and we know how to help!

Career Professionals

Are you looking to make a career pivot?

Do you know you have awesome skills, but you're not sure how to position them on your resume or when speaking about yourself?

Have you been spinning your wheels applying to job after job and never hearing back?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the steps necessary to secure a new job?

Do you believe that you career transition might mean launching your own business?

Could you be using your skills as a freelancer, contractor, consultant, coach or solopreneur, but you don't even know where to start?

Have you been dreaming of taking your side-hustle to the next level (or starting a side-hustle)?

Then we are the team for you!

Company Leaders

Are you struggling to fill key roles within your company?

Are you trying to create an Employee Value Proposition, but don't know where to start?

Do you know your Employer Brand needs a reboot, but don't know how to go about it?

Is this new era of Recruitment Marketing overwhelming to you or your team?

Is a large chunk of your recruiting budget going to staffing agencies?

Is your team overwhelmed with all the tactics of sourcing and hiring new team members?

Do you need to up-level the recruitment function within your organization?

Are you looking to help your employees with career-pathing and skill development?

Then we are the team for you!

About The Vertucci Group

The Vertucci Group is the husband and wife team of Rebecca and Anthony Vertucci. Veterans of the recruiting and digital marketing industries in New York City, the Vertucci Group has built a number of programs to aide job seekers, business owners and companies looking to hire talent. 

The company focuses on several interconnecting disciplines: 

Recruiting Strategy

Career Training

Marketing Strategy

Because the Vertucci Group focuses on challenges for both job seekers and recruiters, they have developed a perpetual feedback loop incorporating key insights drawn from each that informs all stages of the lifecycle. This constant access to real-time information helps the Vertucci Group optimize its programs based on these learnings, which enables hiring companies and job seekers to find each other more quickly and efficiently.

Employer Brand, Recruiting & Career Training Division

This division is a strategic and data driven consultancy that touches each stage of the career lifecycle.

Marketing Strategy Division

This division is rooted in years of digital experience and is designed to help businesses develop their employer brand, recruiting, sales, marketing, social media, content planning and implementation strategies.

The couple moved from Brooklyn to Saratoga Springs in 2015 where they live with their two pups, Ranger and Elphaba.

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In depth programs designed to train and mentor career candidates at multiple career levels; including new graduates, career growers, senior talent, and career switchers.


Comprehensive planning process that helps companies develop and execute their employer brand, recruiting and marketing strategy. Industries of focus include technology, healthcare, marketing and non-profit.


The Vertucci Group brings their proven expertise on employer branding, recruiting, hiring, social media marketing and all things LinkedIn to global companies, organizations and career events of all sizes.


A self-paced learning platform where job seekers can learn at their own speed. Updated and optimized with the latest data and trends, the academy programs deliver highly relevant content for anyone hoping to advance their careers.



Intensive Live and Online training sessions designed to help you build your personal brand on LinkedIn, develop a resume that gets you noticed by recruiters and sessions devoted to helping you build and grow your business using LinkedIn.