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Build Your Professional Profile and Resume

Land Your Dream Job with the Perfect Profile & Resume.

Learn how to build your professional profile! The majority of people in the job market today do not know how to market and sell their skills. In this class, you’ll learn how to build the perfect resume & LinkedIn profile while marketing yourself on social media so employers will be knocking down your door! If you’re looking for your first job or looking to switch jobs this is the class for you. Your brand is your future and telling that story is the most important thing you can do. Take this course to learn how.


Job Searching Skills

Learn Tools & Technologies for Today's Job Market from a LinkedIn Senior Manager & Recruiting Expert!

Technology is changing so rapidly that employers and candidates are struggling to keep up. In this class you’ll learn the technologies available to you to have a successful job search. You’ll learn social media tools that you should be using and what tools recruiters and HR professionals have to find you. This class will set you up so that you are in front of everyone’s eyes... take it now and they’ll be calling you!


Grow Your Network

Meet the Right People at the Right Companies, Be Referred In.

80% of candidates getting jobs are “referred” which means... it’s all about who you know! In this class you’ll learn how to find and get to know the right people. You’ll also learn how to always be networking and continue to grow the network you already have. Relationships are the currency of life! And it’s important to constantly be growing your network throughout your career even if you aren’t job searching. Take this class and find out who you need to know! 


Nail Your Interview

Walk in to Any Job Interview Prepared & Confident!

Okay, so you’ve got the interview for your dream job and you want to stand out…but how? Well you’ll need 2 things: confidence and preparation. In this class you’ll learn the techniques to feel confidant in your interview. You’ll be able to prepare the right questions and anticipate what will be asked of you in any interview situation.You’ll also learn how to best position your skills and expertise. This class is essential to help you stand out in the sea of interviewees to make sure you get that job!


Negotiate Job Offers

Get the Best Salary Offer Before Saying YES to Your Job!

Did you know that half of people being offered jobs are not asking questions and negotiated salary at the time of offer? Why? Because we’re either afraid to ask or don’t know how to. In this class you’ll learn what questions to ask and how to negotiate when you’re offered your dream job. Asking for what you need affects your entire time at that job, not just the beginning. By taking this class, you’ll have the tools and resources to reap the benefits at your next job offer!