Dear LinkedIn- How Do I Even Get Started?

Here are a few good ones:

This landing page is designed for students, recent grads and Career Services professionals. But even if you fall into none of these categories- you can find a TON of valuable tips & tricks in these video tutorials and tip sheets. Profile best practices, networking tips, job searching techniques... the whole gamut.

Job Seeker Landing Page
This page is designed to inform members of the benefits of the Job Seeker account. Whether or not a premium account makes sense for you, what I like about this resource is the advice it gives potential job seekers on how to use LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd.

Alumni Tool
Under the 'Interests' tab on your navigation bar, the last option of the drop-down is 'Education', which now takes you to the University Page of the college or university that you graduated from (most recently). On the home page there is an interactive Alumni Tool that shows you all the Alumni of that school- you can click in to Locations, Companies, Majors... and find people to connect with, even if they are not in your Network! It is literally mind-blowing!! (I do not use this word lightly) ;-)! (I mean after you finish reading this, of course)!

Customized Industry News! When you log in to your Homepage of LinkedIn, the first thing on your feed is Pulse. This feed is customized based on your profile (titles, keywords, etc). You can also click in to it and choose which Influencers, Publications & Channels you would like to follow. There is no better way to stay on top of what is happening in your field (or the fields your interested in) than keeping up on the news of the day.

Talent Blog 
Here from Talent Acquisition professionals on the hot trends of the moment. We enlist customers and internal employees to talk about the 'buzz' around town when it comes to hiring best practices. Some of my favorite topics include- Top 10 Job Titles That Didn't Exist 5 Years Ago, 8 Millennials' Traits You Should Know About Before You Hire Them, 25 Hottest LinkedIn Member Skill Sets and Job Descriptions That Win: 3 Outstanding Examples. The Talent Blog is valuable for Recruiters, Job Seekers and anyone looking to improve their professional brand!

Another fabulous part of LinkedIn is our content sharing platform, People from every industry share their knowledge through PPT & PDF... and I love it! Easily search through 'how-to's' on anything you need... including many many many things about 'how-to' conquer LinkedIn! You can find Profile Best Practices, How to Grow Your Network, How to Apply for Jobs... all kinds of great stuff!

Help Center
Under your photo on the navigation bar (top right corner) there is this helpful little button called the 'Help Center'. And I tell you what... it's all there! Search on ANYTHING! Endorsements, Profiles, Member Blocking... you name it. My favorite? Webinars... type in the word "webinars", select "LinkedIn Learning Webinars" and you'll gain access to LinkedIn's FREE weekly live webinars, hosted by employees, offered to all our members (for free... in case you missed that part). LinkedIn 101 & Job Seekers are two sessions I took before I worked here and that I had my graduates take when I was in Career Services... very helpful stuff!!

There are tens of thousands of groups on LinkedIn with members just like you! As a member of these groups you can post discussion questions, connect with people and learn valuable insights & answers from those who have come before you. There are groups based on industries and skills, sure! But there are also groups for hobbies, like golfing & knitting, there are Alumni groups, Sorority & Fraternity groups, Recent & College Grad groups and Job Seeking groups. Just type a keyword in the search bar at the top center of your screen and select 'groups' on the left... any groups specializing in your keyword will appear. You'd be amazed at the groups available to join, with members just willing and able to help people out. It's amazing.

LinkedIn Recruiter License Holders
Let's be honest- you guys have NO excuse at all!! (sorry, but it's true). With a LinkedIn Recruiter license you have access to The Learning Center... and at your fingertips is access to all the information we've honestly ever created... like ever. When you are in Recruiter, hover over your photo and click in to the 'training' link. Up will launch a beautiful lovely world of unprecedented opportunities for learning. Three hundred live courses are offered every month by RPCs just like me, in 9 languages, in every time zone. But hey, you don't have time for that? We got your back! 10+ minute interactive tutorials and printable tip sheets are available. You can save the tip sheets as PDFs and share them with team members. Life is good for LinkedIn Recruiter license holders... and frankly, everyone reading this who is not one, should be very jealous of you!

Hope this helps :) LinkedIn is great for growing your professional brand and network... and while I know it can be overwhelming... investing even a small portion of time, a few times a week, in to yourself and in to learning more about your industry and how to improve your skills... will be invaluable... I promise!

And if you want an even deeper dive on everything a job seeker would ever need to know... I also teach classes on Udemy... check them out here!

Happy Learning Everyone!