What Does Your Professional Brand Mean to You?

And now, even we as individuals have to market ourselves. Well... what does that mean? What is it that we should be marketing and/or selling about our background? Why? When? It seems really overwhelming, to be honest. Especially if you have no education, training or understanding around marketing.

One thing seems to be clear.... social media, content, and marketing is not going anywhere!! Consumers want and need info info info in order to make a decision, and it's our job to provide it to them- on every platform, in every form possible.

The reason I feel it is important to have a personal professional brand is because the global economy is changing. There are opportunities, companies, clients, products, etc. all over the world. And our ability to gain these opportunities or leverage these products depends highly on our ability to be 'tapped in' to the global economy.

Regardless of the amount of research, work or networking we do on our own... if we don't promote who we are, what we offer, why you want to work with us or hire us online... chances are we are missing out on opportunities we don't even know about, or could never know about on our own. 

I once wrote a blog about how changing my professional brand landed me my dream job (at LinkedIn). Since that time I've worked with companies and individuals alike to help them learn how to develop and promote their brands. It's not easy, it takes work... but in this market place, I'm sure many would agree, the time, energy and effort it takes to build your brand... pays dividends! (At least it did for me and for many I've worked with).

I care so much about this topic that I recently launched a class on Udemy teaching people how to build their brand. (My class Build Your Professional Brand can be found here, with a great discount code)! One thing I've found in my work is that the majority of people feel very overwhelmed with knowing how to build and grow their own brand. All we can try to do is help each other learn!!

Have advice on building a brand (personal or commercial)? Have your own ideas or questions around brand? Please leave comments below!!