If Opportunity Comes Knocking, Are You Ready?

Imagine someone reaches out to you tomorrow for a dream job. You’re pumped, you’re thrilled, you’re like... how did they even find me? (hint: LinkedIn). And you’re ready to enthusiastically move forward. And then they ask you for your RESUME. And you start to freak out.

Where is that resume saved? When was the last time I updated? Oh crap, my resume stinks, I need to start all over! Panic and stress set in. And all of a sudden… the race is on.

Be honest, has this happened to you before?

I know it's happened to me... many times!! This actually happened to me when I heard from the recruiter at LinkedIn. I wasn’t actively looking for work… I was THRILLED to hear from them, BUT... I wasn't exactly ready.

And I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been reached out to by someone who needs resume help today, or better yet, yesterday. (And side note, any resume writer worth their weight can’t turn a resume around in that time frame, I promise).

So… what’s the point of my little exercise here? Well… it’s to talk about your resume. #obvi

What does your resume look like? Is it ready for prime time? EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING, it’s super important to always have an up to date resume that is ready to go.

So do you have one? Do you like it? Is it up to date?

Good news, I have you covered. In this week’s episode of The Vertucci Group TV we are talking all things resume! More specifically, we are talking about the SKILLS section of your resume. (ummm, do you have a skills section? Spoiler alert, if you don’t, you need one).

Tune in here to get the info and motivation you need to get that resume in tip top shape!

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To Your Success,

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