Is Change Worth It?

Making a change in your career takes on many different forms throughout your life. Maybe now or in the past you’ve looked to get a promotion or raise, change teams or departments, go to a new company, or even a new state or country. Or maybe you’ve looked to completely overhaul your career and make transformational pivots. Our careers have many different season and chapters. And I think we can all agree, whenever those changes occur it can be overwhelming and confusing.

In this week’s episode we are talking about HOW to navigate career transition.

Before we dig in, I wanted to share a recent story of a time where I’ve had to really navigate challenging business circumstances in order to grow and meet my desired goals.

When Anthony and I decided to take our coaching and consulting business into the online education space back in 2015 we chose to develop online courses through a platform called Udemy. Many of you know of it and have even taken our courses there. We’ve been blessed to have over 16,000 students take our courses on that platform. Making that decision in our business taught us a lot.

At the time having our courses exclusive to Udemy seemed like a no-brainer. Their platform distributed the courses for us, they did the marketing and really helped to promote the courses to their network of millions of students. And since we had never made online courses before, it seemed like an amazing opportunity to get our name and brand out there. And in many ways, it was.

But after about a year, and after an ENORMOUS amount of work on our part, we really were not seeing the success we expected. And we realized that we actually had no control over our own content. Udemy completely owned how the course was marketed and sold and at what prices.

So we had a decision to make. Do we allow the disappointment and frustration to lead us to a place of overwhelm and defeat? Or do we learn from all we had accomplished already, dig our heels in deeper, and really figure out how to have REAL success with online programs and courses?

While the answer there may seem obvious… ‘Digging in’ and doing this on our own was WAY outside our comfort zone. We had to build (and it turns out re-build) a website, learn about email systems and lists, lead generation, social media marketing, webinar platforms, and all kinds of technology that we knew nothing about. ANDDDD we had to spend all kinds of money for systems, tools and programs to really make sure things ran at a level that made sense. And even with all that, there was no guarantee of success.

Here is the truth of that experience. I really, truly thought that if I simply made great online classes, knowing that so many people struggle with career development… that my classes would be enough. And I wouldn’t have to do all that other stuff. I mean, with MY background and experience, why wouldn’t EVERYONE want to take my classes? Maybe that sounds naive or boastful, but I bet it also sounds familiar…

I hear from clients and students all the time that they feel their experience and background should speak for itself. That their resume alone should get them the job. They don’t understand why the steps they are taking are not netting them the results that they know they deserve. And the last thing they want to do is spend more time, energy and effort doing things outside their comfort zone

Trust me… I GET IT!!

I really do.

But I will share with you that I’m SO GLAD we went through the process of creating a foundation for our online business that works for US and isn’t at the mercy of someone else. I am proud of all we’ve learned and accomplished. We’ve been able to help more people and have more of an impact because of the work we’ve been willing to do. And while I know there is still so much left to do, I can’t imagine having given up after those first roadblocks and struggles and just settling for status quo.

Tune in to this week’s Episode of The Vertucci Group TV as I go over how to take the guesswork out of any career transition.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Don't give up. Believe in yourself. Stay committed to the process. And you never know where it will lead. Heck, you might even get better results than you knew were possible.

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