How It Works

We meet twice a month for 6 months

We dream up big goals and create action plans

We help you save time, money and energy through focus and clarity

We keep you accountable to what you said you’d do

We uncover roadblocks and challenges - and we overcome them!

We talk about the big things: fears, concerns, frustrations and more.

We celebrate wins along the way

We create big things together!


Our Areas of Expertise  and How We Can Help You


Marketing and Communications

Social Media

Content Creation

Business Planning

Ideal Customer and Client Assessments

Products and Services Development




Personal Branding

Skill Assessment and Development

Market and Industry Research

Defining and Finding Purpose-driven work

Data + Insights

Developing Your Network


Negotiating Salary

Benefits of Career Coaching  & Expected Outcomes

A transformed understanding of how to market and sell your unique skill sets

Confidence-building for your elevator pitch, informational interviews, and formal interview process

Mastery of LinkedIn and other social networking platforms

Industry expertise - an insider's knowledge of all aspects of the career lifecycle and global hiring practices

Finally figure out what types of roles really exist for you that are your best fit

How to create communications that will ensure your hear back from people you are reaching out to

Rock your interviews like you never have before

Get paid your worth by navigating your negotiations from a place of strength

Support during every step in the process

Stop doubting yourself and FINALLY live in to your success

Benefits of Business Coaching  & Expected Outcomes

Let’s finally take your business from an idea in your heart and mind, to an actual business with products, services, marketing and sales!

We’ll identify your ideal client and understand their specific challenges and needs, so that you can serve them more fully.

We’ll explore mindset blocks and dis-empowering belief structures that have been holding you back.

You’ll finally quit the guessing game and spinning your wheels, and finally know the steps to take and how to take them.

You’ll save time, energy, effort and money by relying on our expertise and experience.

You’ll stop being distracted by all the noise out there, and know exactly what steps you need to take, and when.

You’ll get paying clients faster, more efficiently. And you’ll get paid what your worth! Never again will you undervalue your services or under-charge!

We’ll point you in the right direction for all the "techy" stuff, so you don’t have to figure it out alone. (spoiler alert: it’s easier than you think, we promise)

We’ll help you create a business that you’re passionate about, that you love, that works with your lifestyle and goals.

You’ll stop doubting yourself and FINALLY live in to your success

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What would you need to create in order to make INVESTING IN YOURSELF a no-brainer? 

Let's Create That!!!

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We offer 1 payment of $5,000 


or 6 monthly payments of $900


What People Are Saying


Rachel Biggar

Client Success, Degreed

Rebecca is incredibly intuitive, inspirational and pragmatic in her approach. She’s a phenomenal listener and immediately neutralizes whatever fears and doubts you might be experiencing. I called her in the middle of a very challenging career crisis and she helped me get my twisting path back on course. My only regret is not contacting her sooner! She quickly helped me break things down into actionable steps, while helping me shape and clarify my broader goals. She has so much knowledge about the employment landscape and can help you effectively navigate through whatever obstacles you’re facing. Having experienced a few setbacks, I was struggling with a lot of mindset and confidence challenges. She operated as my trusted advisor, coach, and cheerleader. I’m eternally grateful to have her in my life and will be continuing to engage her help as I develop my career aspirations. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to transform their career. She’s an absolute joy to work with!

I came to the point in my life that I couldn’t ignore my entrepreneurial spirit anymore. I knew I needed help with navigating through the journey from working for someone to working for myself. I took courses online through Udemy and came across an instructor that I really liked, Rebecca Vertucci from Vertucci Career Academy. Her courses were ease to follow and provided practical information. She stood out! We connected and I knew Rebecca was the career coach I needed on my team. 

Rebecca’s experience in career development and recruitment has been invaluable. Through her guidance, I’ve saved time and money. Her business experience has aided me in starting my own business. Rebecca also understands the importance of positive thinking and has provided excellent material and pep talks that have been very helpful with overcoming my fears.

Her determination to make a difference for people wanting to make a change is always evident. She’s great at keeping me focused with goal setting. She is fully equipped with the tools and encouragement one needs to succeed. 

I highly recommend Rebecca Vertucci for anyone wanting to make and create their dream career.

Jamie DeBrunner.jpeg

Jamie DeBrunner


Advisor, Trainer at Workforce Training Solutions

Working with Rebecca has definitely taken me to the next level. Her intuition and insights cut right to the chase. No messing around! If you're looking to grow yourself and your business, Rebecca has the knowledge and the tools to get you there.


Laura Brennan

I found Rebecca on FlexJobs. I was a year and a half deep in a fruitless, frustrating job search. I had thrown resume after resume into the black hole with nothing to show for it but a few phone interviews. I was ready to give up and stop wasting my time. However, when I saw Rebecca’s post, I thought “hey - maybe it’s not me - maybe I just need some help.”

Rebecca and I weren’t five minutes into our discovery call when she reached inside me, pulled out my sleeping entrepreneur, kicked her in the butt, and pushed her to the forefront. Wow. 

Rebecca quickly helped me define my business and choose a niche. I have seen other people struggle with that process. Rebecca is a pro at connecting people with their dream jobs, but she also is an entrepreneur. She knew exactly how to guide me through the tangle of options, and she gave me the confidence to make the right business decisions for me. The process felt organic and natural.

Rebecca pushed me to conduct informational interviews to further define my niche and find their pain points. I am not an outgoing person, but Rebecca helped me see these interviews as fun opportunities to connect and learn. I actually enjoy talking to new people now, which is a huge plus on discovery calls!

I learned so much about leading, teaching, and presentation style simply by watching Rebecca's webinars, participating in various group trainings, and catching her live sessions. Rebecca connects with her audience so quickly and frames her information precisely for each particular audience's benefit. She knows her stuff - clearly - but there are a lot of very knowledgeable people who cannot teach or communicate. Rebecca shines as a coach, teacher, and communicator.

In addition to coaching, supporting, and pushing me, Rebecca knows what information I am going to need before I do! She walks the walk as an entrepreneur, so she is always there at just the right time with discovery questions, sample emails, guidance on closing, and all kinds of resources I didn’t know I would need and answers to questions I didn’t know to ask.

I can’t believe how my life has transformed since I met Rebecca. I am so excited about my business and I can see the possibility of quitting my day job and doing what I LOVE full-time. 

I don’t really have words for the critical role Rebecca played in this process and how important she will continue to be to me as I grow my business. If you are an entrepreneur (either budding or experienced), do yourself a favor. Schedule a call with Rebecca and let her shine a light on you and your dreams!


Robin Cranberry.jpeg

Robin Cranberry

Robin Rocks! Digital Marketing


Jordanna Ickes

Assistant Publicist, Cale Communications

"I began working with Rebecca and taking the Vertucci Career Academy courses over a year ago. At that time I was about to graduate college and desperately needed some direction and motivation. Rebecca gave me exactly that. I started with my LinkedIn Profile-watching the videos, getting feedback from her and others in the Facebook group, and listening to her tips and tricks. My LinkedIn was transformed in under a week. I eventually did the same with my resume, cover letters, and social profiles. Fast forward to last week, as I am preparing for an interview for my dream job which I was approached for after taking Rebeccas advice. I spent the days leading up to my interview rewatching old videos on Udemy,  Facebook, and, Youtube. I instantly felt more confident and prepared. I had prepared questions to ask and felt ready to talk about my skills and experience. I am sitting here now with a job offer from that dream job and all I can think is how thankful I am to Rebecca and Vertucci Career Academy for giving me the skills, confidence and motivation that I've needed over the past year and a half. I  truly can't thank her enough!" 

janet new.jpeg

Janet Jenkins

Senior Director of Transit Development, New York City Department of Transportation


“Before chatting with Rebecca I never would have thought I needed a Career Coach. I have been working for over 20 successful years in my business and consider myself a savvy career professional. I felt I was doing all of the right things. Rebecca helped me realize, however, that I could negotiate from a stronger position than I thought I could - and how important this is to accomplishing and even exceeding my goals. Her coaching accomplished in a short time what I never could have envisioned for myself, and definitely resulted in a higher salary than I likely would have obtained on my own. More than anything, she boosted my confidence and made me feel empowered to go for the things I really wanted.”











Catey Galatola Tetro

VP, Account Director



"When I worked for Anthony at Hill Holliday, I looked forward to going into the office every morning (and I am not a morning person ;)). He is an extremely collaborative manager. He always invited me to work on more high-level projects together, but he left the day-to-day to me. I always felt like I had his support, but that he trusted me and respected my work at the same time. 

Anthony was always available for questions and open to new ideas. He built our account team and he encouraged us to grow. I learned so much from him as a leader. I was incredibly lucky to have a manager like Anthony, and if we cross business paths once more, I would jump at the chance to work for him again!"





"I have known Anthony for a dozen years or so and we've worked on many high profile assignments together. During this time I've relied on his knowledge and sound judgment to tackle a variety of difficult tasks. Part account management, part creative talent and part technologist give him a unique ability to see a project from all sides. A perfect marketing skill set in a digital world."

Paul Slovak.jpeg















Paul Slovak

Chief Marketing Officer, Fidelis Interactive


Dawn Brister

Global Marketing and Content Executive

"When Anthony joined Marden Kane, he saved the Cisco account. He is extremely knowledgeable about his field and was able to jump into a strained relationship during an overseas meeting and please very demanding clients. 

His interpersonal skills were truly tested in this environment and he rose to the occasion, deftly balancing the needs of his firm and his clients. 

When it comes to marketing, he just gets it. I truly hope to work with him again."

Chris Stearns.jpeg

Chris Stearns

VP, at Aerial Inspection & Filming Services, LLC

"I have worked with Anthony for many years. He has a great work ethic and creative mind. He keeps himself well informed and has a real sixth sense for market trends. As a producer he has shown strong leadership on numerous projects."














Hilarie Viener

Founder at Viener & Partners







"Anthony is a passionate, dedicated professional. He is a truly superb client advocate who works tirelessly to understand, advise and work through any and all situations that may arise. He is a tremendous resource - smart, astute and well versed in our field - and last but not least, a terrific person to be around!"

Rob Brady.jpeg

Robert Brady

SVP Group Management Director at Area 23

"Working with Anthony was an exciting time for a challenging client. He managed a creative team that helped to educate and sell digital functionality that is now being heralded as best-in-class. The partnership would not have succeeded without equal amounts of conviction and compromise. He's also, not a bad guy - despite being a Rangers fan."

Chris Dowling.jpeg

Chris Dowling

Chief Creative Officer at 214

"It was a pleasure to work with Anthony. He is very personable, has a great attitude and easy to get along with, possessing a drive and determination to produce great work, and passionate about what he does. He was always able to maintain a high client satisfaction level for those he managed and will continue to do so with those he works for and with."



"Anthony is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Our entire team value his contributions. His easy-going approach kept us all calm and on track through some very challenging project development issues. It's a shame that I could only select only three top attributes for him for this recommendation.

Anthony joined the project team in the middle of an at-risk project. He hit the ground running and helped us turn everything around. His knowledge and outstanding service made all the difference and the project is a success. The project support he offers seems to be a rare thing. It is a key competent for us when choosing partner agencies."


Patricia Landgraf

Creative Services, Alere

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We offer 1 payment of $5,000


6 monthly payments of $900


About Rebecca and Anthony Vertucci

RVertucci-22 copy.jpg


Rebecca is passionate about helping people succeed in all phases in life. She is a proven expert on recruiting, hiring, social media marketing and all things LinkedIn.

Her distinguished career began as a recruiter in New York City before moving to a Director of Career Services role within higher education. Now as part of her role as a Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn, she trains the recruiters for global companies on how to use LinkedIn and trains them on the development of their hiring, marketing, social media and employer brand strategy needs.

As a co-founder of The Vertucci Group and Career Academy, Rebecca shares her extensive knowledge and unique perspective with recruiters, hiring managers, career professionals, and entrepreneurs through her online course offerings, public speaking, and group coaching programs.



Anthony's distinguished career includes years of experience building businesses, producing broadcast and multi-media video content, and developing highly effective B2B and B2C digital, mobile, social and integrated multi-channel marketing and sales campaigns. A collaborative planner and senior client facing executive with an entrepreneurial mindset, deep technical acumen and a proven record of staff mentorship, multi-disciplinary team leadership and client success.

Client Management & Retention, New Business Development & Organic Growth
Account, Campaign & Project Management, Process, Operational Definition & Integration, Staff Training & Mentorship
Budgeting, Financial Oversight & Profitability, Risk Analysis, Data & Analytics Analysis
Broadcast, New Media & Video Production, Creative Development & Oversight
Agile Methodology (Jira), UI/UX, Application & Web Design, Site Mapping & Prototyping, QA/QC Testing

Medical and Pharmaceutical (DTC & DTP) - Therapeutic Areas: Orthopedic, Neurological, Cardiovascular, Immunological Medical Technology
Spirits & Beer, Consumer Packaged Goods, Luxury Goods, Telecommunications, Mobile, Networking Communications, Information Technology, Media & Entertainment, Cable Television, Events, Publishing, Industrial Lubricants