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If You...

Feel stuck in your job and have no idea what to do next

Find yourself spinning your wheels with no focus or direction

Think you know what you want to do next, but have no idea how to go about it

Feel totally unsure about what you're even qualified to do

Have been at your job search for a while, not getting results

This is the PROGRAM FOR YOU!!!

The Career Transformation Group Coaching Program is a 6-WEEK Program and Community
for Job Seekers and Career Transitioners.

In this program we will work together to achieve YOUR career goals and aspirations.

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"...I felt more confident and prepared than ever before." 


Here is What You'll Learn Each Week



  • Navigate today’s job searching technologies so you can easily be found

  • Be where employers are and get connected to hidden job opportunities

  • Stop applying to jobs online and never hearing back

  • Use social media to connect with the right people for the right roles

  • Save time (!!!) and stop spinning your wheels


  • The Top Job Searching Skills for 2018

  • What Most Job Seekers Think + Do

  • What Top Talent Does + What to Do First

  • How to be Where Recruiters Are



  • Build the perfect keyword optimized resume

  • Rock your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can easily find you

  • Market yourself on social media so employers will be knocking down your door

  • Get noticed online and stand out in the crowd

  • Pull together you skills and passions in one career story arch


  • What Your Professional Brand Means

  • Act Like a Candidate, Think Like a Recruiter

  • Help Recruiters Find You

  • Develop Your Brand Story





  • Connect with new people with ease and fearlessness

  • Navigate professional social circles to meet the right people at the right level

  • Know the right tools and technologies to keep in touch with people

  • Confidently grow your network


  • Old vs New Definition of Networking

  • Avoid Common Pitfalls of Networking

  • How to Always Be Networking



  • How to effectively do company and industry research to identify the best companies to engage

  • Use online technologies effectively to find and land interviews (by not applying to job after job online and never hearing back).

  • The art of informational interviewing and getting your foot in the door


  • How-to Engage New Contacts that Lead to Interviews

  • The Art of Asking for Interviews and Meetings

  • Top Tips for Informational Interviewing



  • Knock the socks off all interviewers through preparation and practice

  • Handle any interview situation with confidence and ease

  • Conquer any tough interview questions

  • Know how to best position your background and skills


  • Night Before the Interview Checklist

  • Answering Tough Interview Questions

  • What Employers Really Care About

  • Preparing the List of Questions You Will Ask



  • Successfully + confidently manage any offer you receive

  • Make sure you get the best possible salary (you deserve every last penny)

  • Avoid getting under-paid by knowing your worth

  • Navigate those tricky money conversations


  • You Got an Offer, Now What?

  • Salary Talking Points

  • Negotiating Deal Breakers

  • Know Your Salary Worth


"Rebecca's approachable persona and positive spirit kept me motivated..."


Benefits of Coaching & Expected Outcomes

A transformed understanding of how to market and sell your unique skill sets

Confidence-building for your elevator pitch, informational interviews, and formal interview process

Mastery of LinkedIn and other social networking platforms

Industry expertise - an insider's knowledge of all aspects of the career lifecycle and global hiring practices

Finally figure out what types of roles really exist for you that are your best fit

How to create communications that will ensure your hear back from people you are reaching out to

Rock your interviews like you never have before

Get paid your worth by navigating your negotiations from a place of strength

Support during every step in the process

Stop doubting yourself and FINALLY live in to your success


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What's Included in the Program?

Two 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions

Work directly with a Vertucci Group career coach to get a customized job search action plan

Receive guidance on your specific industry, challenges and concerns

Get direct feedback on your resume, profile, emails, cover letters and marketing materials

Interview role-playing, coaching and feedback

VALUE $997


Resume + LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Take your resume and profile to the next level, ensuring that both are keyword optimized and meeting today’s professional standards

Have a professional opinion on how to showcase your skills, talents and experience in a compelling way

Take the guessing game out of what works and what doesn’t!

VALUE $497


Online Video Classes

Build your LinkedIn Profile & Professional Resume: 3 hrs, 33 modules

Job Searching Skills for 2018: 1.5 hrs, 29 modules

Grow Your Network: 1.5 hrs, 24 modules

Nail Your Interview: 1 hr, 21 modules

Negotiate Top Job Offers: 1 hr, 19 modules

Each video class comes with: cheat sheets, tutorials, demos & walk-throughs

VALUE $750


Private Online Facebook Community 

Interact with the group between sessions

Weekly content and video live sessions

Ask questions, get feedback, and receive community support

Grow your network and help each other out


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Yes, I AM Ready to Transform My Career!



We are confident that over our 6 weeks together, you will take major steps towards your BIG goals.

Here is the question: Is NOW the time? Are you READY?

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If the answer is YES... then let's make this happen!


When you implement all that you learn in this program, there is no way your career won't be totally transformed.

We'd love to have you!

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We offer 1 payment of $1997 

or installments 

of 3 payments of $697


"Rebecca’s experience in career development and recruitment has been invaluable. Through her guidance, I’ve saved time and money."




Vidhi Mulani

Research Study Coordinator, Memorial Sloan Kettering

"I took two courses with Rebecca on Udemy. I was still job hunting when I took her classes and was starting to get frustrated when I was still not able to land a job even 4 months after graduating from college. One was on the Job Search, and the other one was about answering interview questions. Both courses were tremendously helpful to me. Rebecca has a very approachable persona and her positive spirit kept me motivated in my job search. I took further training in preparing for my interview and I am so happy that I finally got the dream job. Her words are indeed true that you will get the job if you stay positive and persistent. That was my takeaway from her courses. I would gladly recommend anyone to take her courses on Udemy."

“Before chatting with Rebecca I never would have thought I needed a Career Coach. I have been working for over 20 successful years in my business and consider myself a savvy career professional. I felt I was doing all of the right things. Rebecca helped me realize, however, that I could negotiate from a stronger position than I thought I could - and how important this is to accomplishing and even exceeding my goals. Her coaching accomplished in a short time what I never could have envisioned for myself, and definitely resulted in a higher salary than I likely would have obtained on my own. More than anything, she boosted my confidence and made me feel empowered to go for the things I really wanted.”


Janet Jenkins

Senior Director of Transit Development, New York City Department of Transportation


Natasha Clark

E-commerce Editor, Barneys New York

“After nine years of working in fashion magazine publishing, I joined Rebecca's group coaching program because I knew I was ready for a change and a new challenge. The problem was I wasn't quite sure where to start or how my skills would translate into an ever-changing market. Each week Rebecca assigned reading and video assignments that covered everything from perfecting my cover letter and resume to networking and negotiating an offer. The group coaching program was like my very own support group. During our weekly group video conference chats, we would each take a turn sharing not only our accomplishments of the week but also our doubts and fears. We were each other's cheerleaders and motivators. We would inspire each other to keep pushing forward and fighting for the goals we set. Job searching is exhausting!! Working with Rebecca helped me stay focused and inspired, and also gave me the confidence boost that I needed to seek out a new opportunity. And when I found an opportunity I wanted to pursue, Rebecca was there each step of the way offering her advice and support. I truly believe if I had not joined this program, I would still only be dreaming of my next opportunity instead of living it!” 

“The group coaching program helped me with accountability… and it helped to encourage and inspire me and continues to challenge me. I am not just helping myself improve, I’m helping the group, too. And vice versa”


Derek Miller

Locations Scout, Universal Television


Erin Higgins

Creative Director, Travel Channel

“I am well into my career and have been on plenty of interviews over the years. I am usually good at them. But when I was up for a DREAM ROLE, I knew I needed Rebecca's help. She gave me amazing incite into the interview process and helped make sure I presented my best self. I felt more confident and prepared than ever before. I went on to do 3 more rounds of interviews and ultimately got the job! I know how I presented myself during the interview process was key to my success, and I am so grateful I had Rebecca in my corner.”

“Rebecca is not only a career coach. She is more than that. Apart from having an amazing knowledge of everything career related (how to look for jobs, how to excel job interviews, negotiation skills, knowing recruitment inside and out)...

She knows how to motivate, encourage and empower everyone who feels lost in the tough world of job searching.

When l met her a year ago, we made a plan to find a job (in a different city in a different country, which seemed to be impossible that time). With her support and help through and through, l am now starting a new job and relocating to my dream place. I learnt so much from her in the last year; l gained knowledge and self-confident and a friend too. Without her, it would have never happened. “


Fruzsina Martha

VIP Executive Account Manager, GVC Group

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Options include 1 payment of $1997 or installments of 3 payments of $697


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Speaker | LinkedIn Insider | Recruiting Expert | Entrepreneur

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Rebecca is passionate about helping people succeed in all phases in life. She is a proven expert on recruiting, hiring, social media marketing and all things LinkedIn. Her distinguished career began as a recruiter in New York City before moving to a Director of Career Services role within higher education. Now as part of her role as a Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn, she trains the recruiters for global companies on how to use LinkedIn and trains them on the development of their hiring, marketing, social media and employer brand strategy needs.

As a co-founder of The Vertucci Group and Career Academy, Rebecca shares her extensive knowledge and unique perspective with recruiters, hiring managers, career professionals, and entrepreneurs through her online course offerings, public speaking, and group coaching programs.