Ready to Transform Your Career or Grow Your Business?

If you want to attain the job and career you desire or build the business you deserve, then it's time to consider working with a coach.

We help people who are struggling and unhappy in their professional life to better market and sell their unique skills and background in order to finally have the job they love and enjoy, while also getting paid what they are worth. We can help you in every phase of your career transformation journey.

We believe people too often limit their options by making assumptions about what is actually available in today's job marketplace. It's a whole new world - there are amazing opportunities at every corner. And most people have highly marketable skills to contribute, but they totally undervalue their work and what they have to offer.

For entrepreneurs, LinkedIn has become a primary tool for building your brand, sharing content, generating leads for your business and engaging with your customers. 

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we will provide valuable resources and help you better understand the practical applications and baseline information you'll need to start using LinkedIn to build and grow your business.

We hold our workshops at various times during the year. To see our latest schedule, please click on the button below,  which will take you to the workshop page and calendar on Eventbrite.

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Our LIVE Online Workshops

Is your LinkedIn profile or resume NOT getting noticed by recruiters?

Are you struggling to include the right keywords, skills and qualifications?

Do you lack confidence when sharing your resume or profile with professionals?

Have you read tons of tips, tricks + advice, yet still have no idea if your resume or profile are any good?


During this live, interactive workshop you will learn:

What recruiters want to see on your resume and profile

How to craft a compelling career story

Ways to incorporate the right keywords to be found and stand out

How to impress hiring managers with your strengths + top skills

The proper format for your resume

The top areas that MUST be complete on your LinkedIn profile

Do you know your business ‘needs’ to be on LinkedIn, but you’re not sure what that means, how to do it, or where to even get started?

Are your ideal clients on LinkedIn, but you feel overwhelmed with how to find them or reach out to them?

Do you simply feel clueless about LinkedIn, but in your gut you know you should be doing more on that platform?


In this live interactive workshop we will cover:

Your personal LinkedIn profile: It all starts with you!

Setting up your Company Page

Posting and managing content for your Company Page

Understanding LinkedIn Groups

Leveraging LinkedIn as a data + insights platform

Using LinkedIn to develop and grow business relationships

Connection requests + messaging best practices

Lead generation + paid advertising 101


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